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Mein Rue PlatzYARON TRIO
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Hobn mir a NigndlYARON TRIO
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Carmina Judaica's repertoire consists of songs representing various currents of Jewish culture, sung in Yiddish, Hebrew and French.

The arrangements of YARON TRIO paint musical landscapes with the use of voice, piano, clarinet and double bass, drawing not only from the style of world music but also from the tradition of classical music, using the techniques of counterpoint, advanced harmony and drama of late Romantic music. The wide range of sounds has been composed into a coherent mosaic also thanks to electronic vibes.

At times the music oozes here like a pipe smoke and sways steadily like a caravan crossing the desert, at other times it moves with a cantor's call to the Supreme.

Agnieszka Mendel - vocal, piano

Jacek Sribniak - piano, clarinet

Robert Brzozowski - double bass

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+48 506024202

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